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Sensors and Accessories

A wide assortment of accessories for CustoSec Monitoring is available to meet requirements besides standard IT monitoring. Based on the sensors, an advanced facility monitoring can be implemented.

Sensors are installed using the actual sensor and an adapter, which is needed to properly connect the sensor to ARANSEC or CustoSec. The adapters provide the software to read the sensor values as well as supply them with power. ARANSEC and CustoSec provide a "Sensor Assistant" to help with the installation and to start the sensor reading programs built into the monitoring appliance.

The sensor assistants

    Sensor Assistant

This article provides some background information on the sensor assistants, that are used to install sensors on ARANSEC and CustoSec first time they are installed. These assistants will also control the programms for reading sensor data.
Before installing sensors we suggest to have a quick read.

Adapters for Sensors

    Serial 1- or 2-Port Adapter
    Serial 4 Port Adapter
    CustoSec EBox (Standard and 19 Inch)


    Temperature Sensor