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Frequently asked questions (FAQ) for ARANSEC and CustoSec systems. This page is under construction and we are collecting questions about basic functionalities of the systems. It will not cover questions to specific checks on the systems, these are documented in the individual check description.

Installation and configuration

A new configuration is not working, my changes are not taking effect

If a configuration has been changed in ARANSEC or CustoSec and it is not taking effect after writing this configuration into the monitoring system ("WRITE CONFIG"), it is most likely that the new configuration has not been written. After writing a configuration, always do a "TEST CONFIGURATION". This will show possible errors in the configuration. If there is a single red line in the test output, it means, that the configuration has not been updated and the system is still running with the old configuration.

It is always a good move, to also check the Configuration in the user interface of the monitoring system (last menu entry) if the new configuration has been written (allow some minutes after writing the configuration).

Do I really need the GSM module?

GSM module is part of the ARANSEC and CustoSec Systems. They are not needed for everyday work. If you do not need to be notified by SMS just leave it and use mail notifications only. But when it comes to updating the system, SMS are needed for authentication on our update servers. The whole update process is working on two communication channels at the same time for security reasons. Therefore a SIM card has to be inserted and the GSM module be activated before the update process is started.


Where do I find a documentation for my ARANSEC system, including older versions?


Documentation [in English] for ARANSEC Systems is available online within the system, using the help button (see right).
This button usually is located at the top right corner of a display and opens a context specific help. Help for a specific check can be opened with the help button in the "check argument" line in the service check configuration.
Besides that, a PDF-manual (Vers.2.40) is available in the download section of CustoSec Website. This is not the latest version, but it very well explains the main features of ARANSEC and how to work with it. This manual is in German.
All CustoSec Systems come with an extensive internal documentation and all newer developments are published on this online documentation as well.


How can I stop notifications?

Usually the best way to go, is to fix the problem the monitoring system is notifying about. It would be bad practise to tell your monitoring system to "shut up" because you are annoyed by the alarms.
But sometimes there might be a good reason to have the monitoring system being quiet while you are busy solving the problems. In this case the best way to go is to change your notification time in your contacts to something like "From 9:00 to 9:05 am. This would keep your alarming active and will be accepted by the monitoring system. Do this for every contact.
It is not possible to change the "Notify On:" and the "Notification:" to Zero. The configuration would not be saved and create an error.

I get a lot of notifications (Mail or SMS) during the night, even old ones from previous days

This is a common pitfall. In most cases, the reason is the GSM-/Email-setting "SMS/DAY" or "E-MAIL/DAY". If this threshold is reached, the monitoring system will stop sending mails or sms. They will be stored in the queue. After midnight, (when a new day has begun), the next mails/sms in the queue (old ones first) are sent until this threshold has been reached again.

I have stopped the GSM Service and after midnight the module is sending SMS again

The GSM-Service is automatically restarting at midnight, which means a service that has been stopped (i.e. "to stop notifications") will be restarted. The service will also be restarted automatically with each "write/test config". This is a security feature to ensure a consistent notification.

Sensors and Adapters

Can I use more than one serial adapter?

ARANSEC and CustoSec provide one serial socket for the use with local sensor adapters. You can only use one or our local adapters (1-, 2- or 4-Port) to attach sensors. it is not possible to use the other serial socket for more sensors (it is used for the GSM-module) and it is not possible to use a serial multi socket.

Can I use more than one EBox

It is possible to use as many EBoxes as wanted besides the local serial adapter. EBoxes are network appliances that have an own IP address. They provide up to 12 ports for sensors.

Security and Certificates

My Browser does not accept the certificate

Whenever a HTTPS connection is opened, a browser tries to verify the certificate against an official Certificate Authority in the US. ARANSEC and CustoSec are issuing a self signed certificate whenever the network configuration is saved. Since this certificate is not issued by an official Authority, any browser will tell you that they cannot verify the identity of the issuer. Just accept the certificate and tell the browser to proceed to this "possibly dangerous" page. It will all work, but there will be a red sign somewhere pointing to this certificate problem (from the browsers point of view this is a problem). If you want to fix this as well the certificate from ARANSEC/CustoSec must be downloaded and imported into your operating systems certificate management and into you browser. There are lots of How-tos for all operating systems and browsers available on the internet.