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Pie Chart Properties

A Multi Pie Chart is a special version of the pie chart. It allows to display the check results of a number of hosts within one chart. It is only available when a template for more than one host is created. In this case, it will be the default setting for the pie chart and can be changed any time within the image properties.

The chart properties dialogue differs a little bit from the standard pie chart properties dialogue. All the settings are the same with the exception of the "Text:" properties next to the "Single Image" setting.

Please Note: If a template is created for a number of hosts, the single pie chart is showing the arithmetical average of all hosts.

Additional properties for the Multi Pie Chart:

Property Description Example Property Set Example Property Not Set
Single Image This setting is enabled, when multiple hosts have been selected. Checking it will lead to the template display one single pie chart. If unchecked, there will be a single pie chart for each host that is included in the template.
RB MultiPieChart Multi.png
RB MultiPieChart Single.png
Title: Text Properties
(Next to "Single Image")
These settings influence the layout of the titles of each single pie chart. These titles cannot be unabled, but they can be customized.
RB MultiPieChart Single Title.png