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Pie Chart Properties

When a Pie chart is created, all the settings of the chart are prepared using predefined defaults. These defaults can be changed any time. Changes come into effect as soon as the chart is created next time.

Property Description Example Property Set Example Property Not Set
Force Circular If an image size is not set square, this setting influences the way, the pie chart is created.
If "Force Circular" is set, the pie will be circular, but not using all space that might be available.
If it is not set, the pie will not necessarily become circular, but it will use all available space.
Note: 3-D shadows will be cut off when "Force Circular" is not checked.
RB PieForceCircular.png
RB PieNoForceCircular.png
Show Legend Displays or hides the charts legend.
The legend is displayed in the images outer frame, outside the pie chart.
RB PieShowLegend.png
RB PieNoShowLegend.png
Single Image This setting is enabled, when multiple hosts have been selected. Read more about Multi Pie Charts
RB PieChartExampleMultichart.png
RB PieChartExample.png
3D-Chart When checked a 3D pie chart will be displayed. The 3D-Chart is a transparent pie.
Note: If only a 3D-effect using shadows should be achieved, use the "Show Shadow" property below.
RB Pie3D.png
Display Labels When checked the segment labels will be displayed.
Label Customization
The "More..." button will open the dialogue for customization of the label patterns.
The label pattern controls the text and data that will be displayed. In addition to the special characters any text can be included. It is recommended to keep this text as short as possible. Special characters are:
{0} - The segment display name, which can be "Up", "Down" or Unknown".
{1} - The actual raw data collected by the template report for each segment
{2} - The percent for each segment, which is calculated on basis of the raw data during the creation of the pie.
The percent value for each segment is displayed without decimals. The precision of the percent value can be set to none, one or two decimals
RB PieWithLabels.png
RB PieWithOutLabels.png
Show Simple Labels When "Show Simple Labels" is checked, a text field is displayed inside each segment.
When not checked each text field is displayed outside the pie chart with a line connecting the label to its segment. In this case, the pie is resized automatically.
Note: Requires "Display Labels" to be checked.
RP PieSimpleLabels.png
RP PieNoSimpleLabels.png
Resize Pie Chart The resize property can reduce the size of the pie chart. The default is 0 (resize is disabled) to a maximum of 0.40 (chart is minimized). Resizing a chart does not alter the charts width/length and therefore the image sizes. It only affects the pie itself, which will be centred inside the chart area.
RB PieResizeMax.png
RB PieResizeDefault.png
Show Shadow When checked a shadow is added to suggest the chart is floating above the page.
RB PieShadow.png
RB PieNoShadow.png
Up/OK State
Unknown/Unreachable State
A Pie chart can be used to display the states of a host/service, which can have one of these states. By default they are colour coded green/red/orange/grey (or what ever has been set in the status colours.
with these 4 settings, the colour coding as well as the label name for the segment can be customized.
RP PieCustomSegments.png
RP PieDefaultSegments.png